Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sea Glassing 101

I was going to take a nap. Sun behind the clouds, light wispy wind flowed up the ascent, beautiful white sugar sand cool beneath the cushy beach towel, perfect sandy incline awaited its occupant. My husband open-mouthed as his head rested on the back of the tail gating chair. His face tilted toward the heavens. He blissfully snored - not a care in the Bahamas.

But the beach beckoned. Just for a minute I would glean from the sea. The tide just coming in began to pound the sand. As I walked ten feet or so I realized I needed a Ziploc just in case. I was hopeful as I saw white rocks, shards of conch shells and various colored glasses tumbling in the surf. Yes! I was confident I would reap much from my decision to sacrifice a nap.

I learned much from this seaside jaunt. I learned to wait, discover and to take action.

Wait for the waves to come and go and then see what you can grab - quickly! I learned right away I had to grab that glass or it would be back rolling back into the surf real soon. Life is often a waiting game. While we wait, are we prepared to take action quickly - at a moment's notice? Or do we miss the opportunty to grab that golden ring because we were waiting without a plan of action? Matthew 25

As in life, my sea glass was not always handed to me. I had to go get it.

If good things are worth waiting for, great things are worth discovering! The best spot to hunt sea glass was in the most treacherous area of the beach. Large rolling rocks pound the surf. Along with the rocks is the motherlode of sea glass pieces! This sea glass proved to be the largest pieces with the most rounded edges. Hunting here was worthwhile but painful at times. I was unprepared to face the surf as I had not brought snorkel booties and could not withstand the pelting rocks hitting my ankles and feet.

As I stood in the dry sand and assessed my situation of wanting to get in the game but did not want to become bruised and battered in the process. I pondered the fact that something that is hard to achieve is often the best challenge. Many things in life are worthwhile and achievable - as long as you are prepared.

I discovered in Ephesians 6 that the shoes of peace are a necessary part of fighting. Those well-meaning Christians that head off to the Mission field without donning shoes, helmet, breastplate, etc. will be in for a heap of trouble! Believers in Christ often have a great love for the lost, but neglect the most basic of protection.

In my case, the snorkeling booties would have given me the ability to step over each and every pelting rock that made its way to my ankles. No matter the situation, we must never be naive in any situation or we will discover ourselves knee deep in a heap of trouble (and no doubtthis type of trouble will be more painful than rolling rocks).

Take Action
I noticed it was much easier to spot the sea glass when the sun was at its brightest. The glass glinted in the sun as I watched it roll with the big rocks (I still didn't have snorkel booties on). Having time to reflect, I was reminded that when we let God illuminate our sins He is better able to take them from us. just as the surf handed the sand sea glass for someone to spot so does God savor the moments we surrender sin to Him. When we keep our sins hidden in the dark, God waits to deliver us from the snares that bind. We aren't given the bountiful blessings that were ours for the taking.

As I walked back to my still-snoring husband I smiled. I enjoyed my alone time but was ready to show him the sea glass I had battled the surf to acquire. I vowed to share what God had revealed to me in our time together.Waiting, discovering and taking action - the marching orders for many experiences in life.

Today's sea glass gleaning was about much more than smooth shards of glass. My time in the sun was a reminder that each of us are His treasure. He will speak to us and give us direction no matter where we are or what we are doing. He will equip us with everything we need as long as we are wise in our preparations and listen for His voice - before we head out no matter the mission. We are so much more valuable than silver or gold - or sea glass large or small...
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