Friday, October 18, 2013

Sixteen Years

Sizzle. Pop. The sunny side eggs in all their buttery splendor are done. I pull them off the burner. Coffee perks then stops just before I hear the beep. Half and half clouds the cup and then I sit. I observe. I smile.

In the early morning sun my husband perches over the third floor deck, iphone cradled to his ear and chats away while taking in the vast, salty Gulf of Mexico. He is sociable. I am not. His plate of eaten eggs has already been stowed in the sink. He is more than ready for the day to begin. Vacation and our anniversary have coincided this year and for this we are both grateful. He wants to share our special day - I seek to savor it by blogging.

As I peer through the wide picture window from the breakfast bar I pause before thanking God for this day. Sixteen years ago my fiance and I, separately woke pre-dawn and were wed before God and witnesses in the presence of a gloriously conch shell pink and golden trumpet south Florida sunrise.

Unlike our wedding morning, this anniversary morning; together we woke to a golden fire ball moon which lit up the ink black ocean. This staircase into the sky glittered even before the world woke up. This morning was a splendiforous [I made that word up] display of God's creation - a moon setting for our 16-year anniversary while vacationing on the west coast of Florida.

I reflect back on this week. We swam every day in the wide open sea. One day I was swimming by myself in the shallow water, and I swam right over a sting ray! I had enough sense not to jump up but instead did a quick 180 and got away quick. Don't know who was more startled - me or the stingray! My face was less than 12 inches from it's tail. Thank you Jesus!

We rode our bikes and commented on all the beautiful porches with brightly colored furniture, we admired tropical landscape, we coveted many things and then confessed, agreed while baking in the hot sun that we want to one day run a bed and breakfast at the beach (or nearby), looked for "God appointments", I bought souvenirs and justified buying them because I called them Christmas presents even though I know they will be given before ever seeing a shred of gift wrap.

We fed one lone seagull a corn of cob he (or was it a she?) thoroughly enjoyed before a herd arrived, we watched porpoises play with a bait ball, decided we would take up wave boarding within three years (or at least attempt it), and ate lots of pasta without worrying about what time it was.

We are blessed. We are loved. We have much to be grateful for - sixteen years.

Oh Lord Jesus, thank you for this time. Thank you for surprising us with Your blessing of enjoying a golden staircase this morning. Your gifts are so much better than we could ever imagine. I have never seen a moon setting and because you love me so much, you knew this would be the perfect anniversary gift today. We had enjoyed the sunset just twelve hours before, but in Your generous and loving way, you gave us another gift on our special day. 
We love you Lord, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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