Thursday, July 21, 2011

She Survived!

There in sunlight descending in the west she stood. I could see her standing next to her husband as I realized mine was there holding the cash I needed to buy my organic produce for the week.

I walked over and was stunned by her beautiful, short-shirred silver hair. Her eyes I remembered as blue now met her hair in a shade nearer to silver blue as if her eyes became a silver shadow of blue with a sheen of brilliant bluish gray. Her perfect-for-South Florida tank top embellished with bluish-gray rosettes adorned her pale skin in a way that accompanied the slowly-fading sun.

She did not see me as I approached happily, and humbly hugged her.I rejoiced in seeing her standing there. For it was not long before that I heard she was very very sick and very weak. She had been sick with cancer for so very long. I had made chicken soup and waited - received a thank you card and celebrated the very fact that she was even able to eat the meal and have the ability to recognize the giver of that chicken dish. I prayed for her many a day. I shed many tears for this wonderful woman. Now she stood there casually for which I smiled ear-to-ear I will admit.

Thinking back - we waited so very long and rejoiced with every good report. We refused to give up hope. She was too young and full of life. We hoped for a miracle.

Nothing compared to seeing her today as she was truly resplendent in her silver. I hope she knows what a blessing she is - how her courage and ability to struggle and survive has touched my life let alone many. She shared she wished she were still blonde. But today she was silver. Short haired silver but beautiful and so full of God and new life. Nothing compares to the beauty that comes from a life of hope and new beginnings.

She survived. She smiled. She is silver. She is beautiful.

Thank you Lord for new beginnings. For hair that grows back even after cancer. Though that hair may grow back silver and be short for many seasons, that new hair symbolizes life. She survived. Thank you Jesus for this miracle!

She survived. She stood in the Farmer's Market today.
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