Monday, May 10, 2010

San Salvador Awaits...

My husband Vinnie, a boat captain for Bridgewater, a privately-owned 65' Viking Sport fish yacht was halfway through a month-long stint in the various islands of the Bahamas. Docked at Riding Rock Marina in San Salvador, having had been away for over two weeks, my husband was missing his bride (that would be me).

With the boss safely back in Indiana, the Bridgewater had to be under 24-hour surveillance just in case high winds occurred and lines had to be adjusted. Or worse, the he would need to be on-board at all times in the event the boat had to leave the island for any reason whatsoever. Unlike most marinas, very few dockhands or associates of the marina were able to watch over the Bridgewater, and since Riding Rock is a transient marina, Vinnie was left to man the boat alone.

However, not to be alone for very long, as the ever-so kind and thoughtful boss of his offered to fly me in - on the bosses dime at that!

As all boating-related activities seem to involve evolving itineraries and cancellations, my good news of paid travel included finding a flight for the next day, finding a pet sitter for our five furry felines and packing, cleaning up and finding a ride to the airport. As I scrambled so I could gather my bags and go, I realized I could not google and web surf my way into booking a flight. I called my ever-helpful friend Janet who is a jet-setting fiend. She gave me the number of her travel agent Ralph.

Okay here is where things become peaceful. I cannot explain this other than the peace that transcends all understanding really does exist, as long as we are aware that we are not in control. Such short notice of having to get my act together was the catalyst for realizing this first-time visit to San Salvador was as some would say "in the cards" but I have to state it as it was God ordering my steps (Romans 12:2).

See, when I called Park Avenue Travel Ralph was busy and Elaine was available. Elaine was having a bad day. Elaine sounded like she either just got out of bed or she had smoked and entire case of cigarettes the nite before. And so I smiled so I would convey kindness and happiness through the phone (I do everything online these days to avoid the personalities that tend to damper my mood such as this). I felt a bit of a lightening of Elaine's demeanor and then," My computer just froze. Hold on I have to reboot." I roll my eyes knowing Elaine will not know of my frustration. Then agree these things happen as I look at my To Do list knowing I have nothing to add to my Done list yet. The time on my computer is now approaching noon and I have not made a single phone call to find a pet sitter.

Elaine asks for my phone number and tells me she will call me back soon. I briefly pray, "Lord, she has just told me that no one flies in to San Salvador except Club Med people who spend alot on airfare because - well of course - who wouldn't go to Club Med (money is no object at Club Med - literally).

No response to our usual cat sitter via the email. Sighing, I pick up the phone to call her (again, I am fighting to not use the phone with my limited timeframe but I take a deep breath and smile because I know God wants me to go and He will find a way.) Terry does not answer at the office and I remember she does not work at the office Fridays. I call her home and get her voicemail there too. I do not know where her cell phone number is. So I move on to cleaning up the house - just in case I do find a reasonable flight, a pet sitter, and a ride to the airport.

Elaine calls back and voila! found a non-stop flight to and a connecting flight back and it is right within our boss's allowable limit. That done! I email my husband's friend Kap for a ride but do not expect that he will be available at 10:00 in the morning on a Saturday. So I call the airport limo service and book a ride. Kap emails back that he would love to give me a ride. Hearing this I realize I had been impatient and should have spent my time instead finding a darned pet sitter.

The missing link in my get-away quick plan for early the next morning was a big one. Because we have a security system, five cats with raw dietary needs and a few kitties with maintenance needs I began to email our vet who lives in Alabama. Halfway through my email, I realized what I needed to do. I cancelled the email and picked up the phone (yes! again against my normal behavior I was again employing the out-dated mode of communication.) I called our new vet's office. I was going to ask if they offered in-home pet sitters. Alicia answered. She personally had a pet sitting business and could do it. She came over that nite after work and got the 411.

That nite as my head hit the pillow I realized that nothing was going to keep me from going to San Salvador, Bahamas! That peace that kept me calm had turned into an excitement. I was quite surprised that I got any sleep that nite!
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