Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Process of Flight

Flying is a process. First, we make the arrangement. We show up at the gate. We decide to be on time or late.

Then we enter the aircraft and soon after buckle up. Many of us take a deep breath and wait expectantly for takeoff.

The process of flight is well underway and there is now no turning back. Next we decide if we will relinquish all control to God. Then control is consciously surrendered to the pilots. We have no choice. We are not in control. We consciously determine not to fear - to not panic. Seems the initial surrender and search for courage is often a challenge. For a moment we may dig deep within for the courage that is always somewhere inside.

The plane quickly ascends and through the clouds we go. Many would not voluntarily choose to hover this high above the earth, but the necessity of travel often allows no other option.

For the next several hours we can choose to do nothing or ask, "Nap? Read? Stare at the clouds?" And this is the time we often realize the process of flying is not so stressful after all. The process has become a routine and somehow that routine is comforting because we already know the process.
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