Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Out of the big blue sea

Out of the big blue sea today I was given two gifts and was reminded about not having to travel alone....

We live a stone's throw from the beach. For ten years, my husband has been walking the beach in the early morning. He walks up in the fine, sugary sand with weights in hand. He prays as he goes and meditates on the day ahead. He always has looked so peaceful when he gets back home. For ten years he has wanted me to go too. However, I am not a morning person and for ten years I have heard him lock the door as he leaves the house and come back in. I am still in bed.

His prayers for me to become a morning person have finally worked! I am now working out with trusty Gilad on FitTv every morning at 6:30 and then off to the beach with Vinnie. Unlike my husband, though, I walk in the water with light weights. So refreshing! No sweating and I get my heart pumping quickly!

Today, the big blue sea gave me two special gifts. I was walking, wading, walking, fighting water up to my waist. I got a bit bored and so I began to look down to see what shells I could see just ahead of me as I strutted along. Out of nowhere, a little fish appeared. His coloring was equivalent to a tabby cat but of course he was a fish. He was swimming just inches ahead of my legs. As I walked and made a bit of a wake, he kept up with me. Whether I went fast or slow, he kept up. I smiled as my new friend spurred me on. However, I was quite surprised when another tiger striped fish showed up and began weaving across the path of my first fishy friend. Together, they kept bobbing and weaving, just ahead of my legs. They were swimming just ahead of me. I decided to challenge them to find out if they even knew I was there. I stopped and went the other way. In the blink of an eye they were there and in short order back in sync with me. I turned around again and again and every time my fishy friends kept up with me!

I wondered if they would jump onto me remora style if I stopped. No! They disappeared and I panicked because they were gone. After walking a few steps they were back and off we were once more in perfect harmony. Needless to say, I did not want to get out of the water this morning. I was having too much fun with two of God's littlest creatures from the big blue sea.

Just before stepping out of the surf, I realized my two fishy friends were symbolic of people I have been walking with for a short time. People that traveled a short distance with me. They kept up for awhile then when I stood still they swam off. Or possibly a friend whom I stopped calling or emailing or never went back to where I found them and as a result lost touch with them forever. I am sad those travels ended , but I now accept that that part of the journey is over. I need to be glad to have travelled it at all. In the Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes reminds me there is a season for everything. I rejoice in not having to travel certain roads alone in many seasons of life. I am so blessed to have company. And this morning I was unexpectedly blessed by company in the form of two fish from the big blue sea.
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