Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Comfy, Content and - - Truly Blessed

I am comfortable. I am happily and may I add - contentedly - reclining on the chaise end of our new microfiber sectional with my feet crossed in front of me. I admired the pretty bright pink bows on my "new" cushioned slipper socks with the hearts in many shades printed all over.

God speaks into my head, "Now you are comfortable."

Ugh. In my flesh, I realize God has once again invaded my selfish, lazy time watching "Chopped" and-loving-it time. It was raining outside, my husband en route to the Bahamas on a mud skipper two-engine plane to do a 10-hour boat delivery. That time my husband was on the plane meant no cell phone to answer, my "To Do List"on hold and my time witnessing those seeking to win the $10 grand on "Chopped" protected from all outside influences.

Or so I thought. Until God spoke to me and prompted me to arise perpendicular as opposed to remaining in the oh so enjoyable horizontal position on our brand spanking new microfiber sectional. Deep breath as I opt to be obedient to the Holy Spirit's leading....

And so here I sit. At my keyboard and ask, "Okay God. Now what? You want me to blog slippers of all things???"


And so here I go. These slippers were purchased by moi (the three of us  -the false trinity which consists of me, myself and I) about a year ago. We had gotten an offer on our house but had no real "dream house" or even a "want to live there" house in mind to purchase. We had accepted a full price cash offer on our home and were looking to downsize. This three-day window before cancelling a great offer was a stressful time for my husband and I. In lightning fashion, we found an apartment to move into with our five cats. We found a short sale home that would close in just over the 30 days after which our home would close (which meant moving not once but twice that summer). The inexpensive apartment was the practical way to go.

And so, we walked into the temporary apartment as the smell of stale, long lingering cigarette smoke accosted our noses. I cringed as we were shown the break-in deterrent in the sliding glass doors (a wooden dowel jammed in to the space between the window and the wall). Mexican tile looked clean enough. Laminated floors in each bedroom were in good shape. It was the old gold tile in each bathroom that made me want to run for Windex and ammonia. I was going to shower in there? I was going to call this place home for even just a few weeks???

And so, a quick trip to Target for a few necessities and some green cleaners. I spotted those slip-on slipper socks with the thick faux sheepskin soles in short order. The rubber nonslip treads on the bottom for safety almost cinched the deal. But what got me were the hot pink ribbon bows on each slipper sock as well as the many-colored hearts on the gray cotton background. Comfy, stylish and practical. Sold!

Upon arriving to our new apart-mentally (sp?) temporal home, I pulled those puppies from the Target bag. I cut the plastic tie trapping them to each other. I put both feet into the slipper socks and walked across the Mexican tile. I traipsed into a laminate-floored bedroom and on into a 6" mustard gold tiled bathroom. Nice. Yes, nice but I did not have a snugly, comfortable, contented feeling like I thought I would have had when I decided to invest the 10 bucks for those slipper-socks.

Days turned into weeks as I looked at these slipper socks which sat on top of a cat carrier in the corner of the bedroom. I was not enticed to wear them during my nesting time of stress waiting for our short sale home to close. I thought of wearing these slipper socks a few times while I watched TV channels I never knew existed but instead wore my husband's old sweat socks. I contemplated wearing them while I boiled water on the stove for pasta (my comfort food of choice) but instead opted for flip flops for no apparent reason I can recall.

The only time I wore those slipper socks was while I lay in bed before slipping my feet under the covers for a full night's sleep.


And now, today I realized the answer to that question. I was not content. I was not resting in God. I was merely waiting for the practical aspects of life to kick in. I did not find the comfort I thought I would find in those slipper socks (even with the faux sheepskin lining and anti-skid soles).

God was waiting for me to come to Him and find rest and comfort in Him. Not in a pair of man-made slipper socks.

Matthew 11:28-30
"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. "Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and you shall find rest for your souls. "For My yoke is easy, and My load is light."

And so today,  just now actually (a few minutes ago) as God prodded me to get up and blog; I realized that I enjoy these slipper socks and appreciate wearing them now because they are a gift from Him and a symbol (or reminder) of how far He has carried me in our recent house selling and buying. God knew the slippers were never going to give me comfort. But the reminder now of me seeking comfort during a very difficult time through a pair of slipper socks and coming up empty is a return back to the fact that it was God comforting me all along. This was the reason the slipper socks failed to give me enjoyment. Only God could and can give me true comfort, contentment and blessing!!!

Okay God. I got it. Thank you for this reminder. And now that I have shared Your Goodness and Grace, I will now return to the microfiber chaise you have also graciously given us and put my feet up and smile once again as I look at those hot pink bows on those slipper socks that you used to teach me about being content.

I also thank You Lord, for the fact that I no longer have to walk on golden outdated bathroom tile, laminate floors or Mexican tile. I rejoice because You,  Lord Jesus, seek to bless me and keep me walking in Truth and faux sheepskin !! I remain Comfy and Content and - - Truly Blessed. You truly are my rest.